Mezco One-12 Collective The Owlman Figure



From Mezco Toys. From the award-winning film Lord of TearsThe Owlman joins the One:12 Collective... and your nightmares! In Lawrie Brewster's supernatural horror film, a school teacher is plagued by recurring nightmares and suspects his visions are linked to a dark incident from his past. The One:12 Collective The Owlman is dressed in a tailored, weathered suit with his claws bursting from his sleeves. Two blood splatter FX are included and attach to his left claw hand. Repay your debts with the included Altar of Moloch, found deep within the catacombs of the Findlay's mansion. The Altar of Moloch features melted candles, fractured bones, and animal skulls, with a spot in the middle to place James Findlay's decapitated head - a sacrifice to Moloch.

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