Sideshow Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format Figure



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Life. It’s a beautiful thing … but that was yesterday. Today … today is about death.

Sideshow presents the Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure. This wicked DC Comics collectible shows that the most beautiful things in nature can also be among the deadliest.

Before she became a toxic temptress, the shy and unassuming Dr. Pamela Isley was a brilliant botanist and biochemist. Now, transformed into Gotham’s very own Mother Nature, the villainous Poison Ivy works to destroy the manmade world and let her beloved plants flourish once more. The Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format Figure measures 23” tall and 13” deep as a monstrous tangle of plants and teeth lifts the villainess above the ground. Gnarled branches wrap around her outstretched arm and Ivy’s clawed fingertips are tinged with a poisonous red. The churning earth swallows the remains of her latest victims, returning them to the natural cycle.

This collectible Poison Ivy statue is fully sculpted, cast in polystone to capture the intricate detail of her leafy costume and the feral foliage surrounding her. Her darkened color scheme features various greens, reds, and muddy browns that contrast with her pale complexion. Poison Ivy’s portrait also incorporates those same earth tones into her makeup, complete with vibrant red hair and dangerous, deep maroon lips. 

Pair Poison Ivy with other recent releases from the Rogues Gallery, including The Joker Premium Format™ Figure and The Penguin Premium Format™ Figure, each sold separately. Then, pit them all against your favorite Batman statues for the ultimate Gotham City showdown on your shelf. 

Grow your collection and give in to the power of the Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format Figure today.

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