Infinite Statue Nosferatu (Deluxe Edition) Sixth Scale Figure

Infinite Statue


Sideshow and Infinite statue are proud to present the Count himself, the Nosferatu Sixth Scale Figure!

Nosferatu made his first terrifying appearance on cinema screens in March 1922. A hundred years have gone by, but still today, his contorted shadow and skeletal hand gripping Ellen’s heart instills terror into us all.

Considered a classic masterpiece of horror cinematography, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, by German director Friedrich Murnau, unleashed the terrifying Count Orlok unto the world, as played by Max Schreck. With pointed ears and sunken eyes, his rigid, ephemeral figure forever lurking in the shadows is memorable, and, appropriately for a vampire, his ghost shows no sign of disappearing even after the passage of another century.

The immortal Nosferatu is brought back to life by the talented team of artists from Infinite Statue and Kaustic Plastik who have skillfully recreated his lugubrious and emaciated figure in incredible detail, lifting from the scenes of Murnau’s famous and beautifully unnerving film.

Included with the Deluxe Edition is one luxury movie-accurate coffin for you to recreate the iconic moments that have haunted our dreams for a century, and perhaps, an eternity.....

Cinema lovers and those who welcome all creatures of the night, don't miss your chance to add this stunning Nosferatu figure to your horror collectibles display today!

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